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Test for Dissections 4-6, Neck, Shoulder & Elbow
Multiple choice quiz, choose the single best answer.
1. What two structures are normally located in front of the arrowed muscle? *
1 point
Figure 1.
2. Name the arrowed vessel, shown at its origin (2A) and in its course through the neck (2B). *
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Figure 2A.
Figure 2B.
3. Mrs. Brady, an 85 year old grandmother complains of inability to inititiate abduction of her shoulder.The tendon of which labeled muscle is most likely to be torn? *
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Figure 3.
4. What is the primary role of the arrowed muscle in shoulder motion? *
1 point
Figure 4.
5. What is the primary function of the arrowed structure? *
1 point
Figure 5.
6. Injury of the labeled structure results in loss of sensation of what part of the hand? *
1 point
Figure 6.
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