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Sustainable Highland Park Plastic Bag Survey for Business Owners
SHP is surveying business owners in our community about the use of disposable plastic bags in their businesses. Thank you for taking the time to share your information and thoughts! The more responses we get, the more we can gauge the usage of and feelings about plastic bags in our community, so we appreciate the time you take to share your information with us! We aim to collaborate with our local businesses and your thoughts and ideas are important to us in this process. Please be sure to express any suggestions, concerns or comments related to our plastic bag reduction campaign so that we can move ahead in addressing them or integrating them into our campaign.

For more information about our plastic bag campaign and other Sustainable Highland Park programs and initiatives, please visit Feel free to sign up for our mailing list in the sidebar of the website, and follow SHP and our Plastic Bag Education and Reduction Campaign at

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How many transactions are made in your store a day on average? *
About how many of those transactions require a disposable bag? *
Is there any policy in regards to restraints around “double bagging” ? *
What material are your bags made of? *
Do your bags contain any recycled materials? *
How much does your business spend on bags for your Highland Park location per month? *
How often do you order new bags for your Highland Park location? *
Are you aware of any negative impacts of plastic bags on the environment? *
How important do you think plastic use reduction is? *
Are you aware of any environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bags? *
Would you consider helping with the efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags at your store location? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please comment on what kind of assistance or support you might need with this effort or any concerns or challenges you foresee in making this transition. If you answered no to the previous question, please take a moment to help us understand why your business would not be willing to help with efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags in Highland Park. *
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Would your business consider completely replacing plastic bags with reusable bags or environmentally friendly bags? *
If you need additional space to explain or expand upon any answer in the survey, or make an additional comment, please do so here:
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