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Unitreat Registration
Parent/Guardian Authorization Form
Fall Unitreat is a 3-day communion with Spirit. Daily activities include large group workshops, small group discussions and activities, singing, meditation, prayer and vespers. Please see the Parent Planner for the assistance and guidance needed to support your Uniteen in this virtual experience.

OUR MISSION: As the Northwest Unitreat Leadership Team our mission is to facilitate an Invitation to Inner Strengths and Character, with opportunities to listen within and to listen to others. To experience this we utilize experiential activities, Unity based meditation, prayer, all within creating a mindful culture of inclusivity and trust. One of the challenges in life is in remembrance of and engaging God within and all around. This virtual base can be its own challenge course, to be present to everyone’s Divine Nature within the gatherings, creativity, conundrums and choices offered in our time together.

COUNSELORS & VIRTUAL DEVELOPERS: The Northwest Regional Uniteen Leadership Team: Ginger Landree, Bill Brock, Marilee Payne, Laura Hall, Rachel Simpson, Wendy Valentine, Tim West, Jeremiah Supon and Chris Barnard Castaldi, Uniteen Consultant.

ELIGIBILITY age requirement to attend: Uniteens must be at least 11 years old [or in sixth grade] & no more than 14 years old and in a Middle School environment.
Participants attend the entire weekend experience from beginning to end. They are active members in their Uniteen group who have demonstrated maturity, self-discipline & self-responsibility. Fall Unitreat is for people who have a sincere desire to learn more about Truth and are willing and able to contribute by actively participating in activities. It is recommended that those attending Unitreat have attended at least 2 Uniteen meetings in the last 6 months, either virtually or in-person.

SESSION SCHEDULE: see break times for self-starting activities and meals

Friday 11/6: 7-9:30 PM - Family Time & Campfire
Saturday 11/7- 10am-12:30 Family Time BREAK
Saturday 11/7 - 2pm -5:30 - Break
Saturday 11/7 - 7-9PM campfire & Spirit Share
Sunday 11/8 - 12:30 - 3PM Family Time & Closing

Family Assignments are random. In your family group, you will have an opportunity to learn about yourself and others and make friends.
“Camp fire” sharing Uniteens must submit to Chris prior to Unitreat. Bring your skits, props, instruments, costumes and creative imaginations to our campfires. The theme and spiritual intent of Unitreat are to be reflected in all the acts. Keep this in mind while preparing your act. Lyrics to all songs are needed by Chris prior to performing.

All scheduled activities are required attendance because every person and activity adds to the Unitreat experience.

Registration is complete only with all required authorizations.
All scheduled activities are required attendance because every person and activity adds to the Unitreat experience.

By returning this document I state that I have read and understood the Permission to Participate for the Unitreat Virtual Fall Unitreat "What Do You Stand For"

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Nov 6, 7, 8, 2020
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