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FoFAM Regional mapping of Advanced Manufacturing in Smart Specialisation Strategies form
FoFAM “Industrial and regional valorization of FoF Additive Manufacturing Projects”


Additive manufacturing (AM) has been highlighted as a key technology with potential for creating sustainable high value European based employment, addressing societal issues and supporting environmental sustainability. The processes based on Additive Manufacturing spans many industries, including automotive, medical, aeronautics, defence, capital and consumer goods and do-it-yourself concept, energy, etc. .(For further information see AMSRA p. 27 here ) All those are heavyweight reasons for Europe to make specific efforts to define a plan of action in the field.

On this basis, the FoFAM project takes up the challenge of clustering developments on AM technologies and associated regimes to develop a strategy to ensure AM industrial deployment. It aims to enable the integration of key outcomes under the EU PPP “Factories of The Future (FoF)” to push them to market by promoting synergies and identifying appropriate mechanisms to stimulate exploitation, transfer and coordination among all key actors.

For a complete success strategy not only technology stakeholders but also policy makers at European level but more importantly at regional level will be involved. Effective cross-sectorial and cross-regional interactions will be pursued by promoting alliances in alignment with the research and innovation strategies for manufacturing smart specialisation of European regions (RIS3).

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Purpose: Explore your regional Advanced Manufacturing value chain

You are kindly invited to participate in this mapping exercise of Additive Manufacturing in Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS3).
Please note that this questionnaire is divided into two parts, which starts with General information and continues with specific questions about your expertise, as a region, on AM technologies and related capabilities.

Using the information you provide, FoFAM will produce a public summary report to provide a global overview of regional capabilities and existing key infrastructure with regard to Advanced Manufacturing in general and Additive Manufacturing in particular, in European regions. Later on, a database will be created and integrated in the European Additive Manufacturing Platform web ( Moreover, a Regional Experts working group will be created for further analysis and validation.

The information provided may also be used for policy recommendations by the end of the project and serve as information for future RIM Plus documents.

PART 1- General information – Industrial Policy
1. Name of your Region , country it is located in and its size in terms of population *
For definition of Regions see NUTS 2
Your answer
2. Regional contact person and contact person in Brussels *
(just for internal use in FoFAM)
Your answer
3. Does your region and/ or country have a national/ regional strategy for Advanced Manufacturing? *
i. If Yes, please provide brief summary and link to information
Your answer
4. Is Advanced Manufacturing mentioned in your RIS3? *
i. If Yes, kindly specify through which economic sector/s Advanced Manufacturing is mentioned in your RIS3.
Your answer
5. Is Advanced Manufacturing important for your regional economy? *
6. How would you consider the competitiveness level of your region in the European context in the field of Advanced Manufacturing *
How would you consider the competitiveness level of your region in the European context in the field of Advanced Manufacturing *
7. Is your region involved in any initiative, network or working group (e.g. Vanguard Initiative, ERRIN, EUREKA) related to Advanced Manufacturing? *
i. If Yes, please provide name and link to information
Your answer
8. Are there any regional policy/programmes to support RDI activities in your region? *
i. If Yes, please provide name and link to information and please go to question 10
Your answer
9. Are there any specific RDI programmes/funding schemes to support Advanced Manufacturing activities in your region?
i. If Yes, please provide name and link to information and please go to question 10
Your answer
10. If Yes,
i. Name of programme
Your answer
ii. Link to the programme info (if available)
Your answer
iii. Start of programme
Your answer
iV. Duration of programme
Your answer
V. Estimated budget
Your answer
11. Do you have regional/national mechanisms/ instruments to help on technology transfer/entrepreneurship? *
i. If Yes, please provide brief summary and link to information
Your answer
Have you considered synergies with Horizon 2020 in your OP/ RIS3 on the Advanced Manufacturing? (i.e. are there already some ideas or specific actions at national/ regional, local level for synergies on Advanced Manufacturing? What is the plan? Any areas that ESIF could give an added-value when combined with H2020?) *
Your answer
PART 2- Additive Manufacturing
This section aims to identify if AM technologies and capabilities are developed in your region
1. Is Additive Manufacturing included in your RIS3? *
Please continue to question number 2. if the answer for this question is no
If the answer is YES:
i. Are your ESIF funds used for funding Additive Manufacturing related initiatives?
ii. through which sector(s) is the Additive Manufacturing included in this strategy?
iii. What are the main objectives, in your strategy for Additive Manufacturing?
iV. For the implementation of your AM strategy, what are the main challenges and obstacles in achieving your goals and aims?
V. What innovation is needed for achieving your goals?
Vi. Do you have any quantitative data on the impact of Additive Manufacturing in your region?
Vi. i. If Yes, please provide some numbers
Your answer
Vii. Is there any specific infrastructure available in your region to facilitate the development of AM?
Vii. ii. If yes, please describe which kind and how it is available
Your answer
Viii. Is there expertise on non-technological activities focused on AM?
iX. Please name the key regional actors dealing with AM technologies. For each actor, please provide name and web site, the position on both the supply* chain and the value chain** according to main activities in AM and the processes and material.
i. Full name of Organisation
Your answer
ii. WEB
Your answer
ii. Full name of organisation
Your answer
iii. Type of organisation
iV. Public or Private organisation
V. *Place in supply chain of organisation:
**Value chain position of organisation:
i. AM processes applied in organisation
ii. AM Material type processed in the orgqanisation
iii. Domain of application of AM in your organisation
X. Please name the key regional/national/EU projects from your region dealing with AM technologies. For each project, please provide title, brief summary, web site and contact data.
Your answer
ii. Brief summary
Your answer
iii. WEB
Your answer
Your answer
2. If the answer is NO
i. Does your region have any Additive Manufacturing expertise?
i.i. If Yes, please specify below the AM processes and materials in which your area has expertise
i.ii. AM Material type in which your region has expertise in
ii. Why has Additive Manufacturing not been considered in your RIS3?
iii. Is Additive Manufacturing, closely linked in other strategies, strategic agenda’s or initiatives that enable your work in the field?
i. If Yes, please specify
Your answer
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