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Get Involved! Climate change & clean energy solutions, pipeline opposition, divestment, plastic pollution solutions!
• Senator Sununu has requested that EPA Chair Scott Pruitt assist him in getting past "burdensome" NH regulations to push pipelines on us.
• Senator Bradley has stock in Kinder Morgan, Spectra and Nextera pipeline companies.
• Pipeline representatives are already moving back into New Hampshire, ready to get the jump on us.

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN US IN SAYING NO? We're glad to have you on board! Let's get to work!
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I am aware of the fast-tracked Liberty Utilities deal that pushed the closing of Concord Steam in favor of a Liberty Utilities natural (fracked) gas deal at a cost of $25M+ to taxpayers, that would have saved NH forestry jobs, while a no-cost deal was ignored. *
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I want to help support abundant, renewable energy in NH that will provide tens of thousands of jobs and an economic boost to the state!
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Thank you for your interest in supporting clean energy in NH as we work to be #FossilFree603! We will be in touch soon! Any questions or comments for us?
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