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PODS Game Design - Spring 2019 Classes at Replay Games
LOCATION: Replay Games (502 1st Ave N Suite #E Fargo, ND 58103)
DATES: Please see below
TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
AGES: 9-18
Check out our website at for the full schedule and more information about our classes!
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I understand that PODS Game Design values a productive and welcoming classroom for everyone attending. Class rules will be reviewed at the start of each session and are expected to be followed accordingly. Misconduct can and will be addressed up to the point of contacting the emergency contact, dismissal from class, and/or termination of enrollment without refund. I understand the fee for the class as listed above and that it will be paid on the first day of class. Please write your name on line below to serve as a signature for this form being completed. *
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