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MAISS Mentor Application
Our Purpose:

The MAISS Mentorship Program aims to provide a tight-knit community as well as guidance and resources to those who are passionate about business and technology.

Our program matches undergraduate students with business or technology orientated mentors, such as BIM, ICS, and Business majors. Each mentor is matched with one or two mentees, forging relationships throughout the year while also making memories that will last a lifetime. As a mentor, you will be able to expand your network with others who are also interested in business and/or technology. You will also have the opportunity to gain experience and make a lasting impact on someone’s college experience. You do not have to be a MAISS member to apply to be a mentor. And as a mentor, you have access to all MAISS resources free of charge.

MAISS, as an organization, provides the following benefits to members (and mentors!):

- Technical Workshops
- Company Speaking Engagements (some of which are jointly held events with other campus organizations, such as UBA and WICS)
- Study Space
- Social Events
- Mock Interviews
- Resume Critiques

Mentors’ Responsibilities:

- Provide mentee(s) with guidance and support to facilitate academic, professional, and social development.
- Participate in Mentor Training.
- Attend "Meet the Mentors", which will take place in Week 2 during Fall Quarter 2017.
- Attend mandatory MAISS meetings once per month during Fall and Winter Quarter.


- Rising Sophomore, Junior, or Senior.
- Priorities for students majoring in BIM, ICS, or Business, but open to all majors.
- Passion for business and technology.

To be considered for position, you must complete this application by Friday, May 19th, 2017. You will receive an email regarding your application status the following Monday.


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