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Imagine you are in the classroom educating the future citizens of tomorrow. You know your students' potential but are having difficulty helping them truly connect to themselves, each other and the planet. You look online but are instantly overwhelmed by dozens of suggestions that are unorganized and not tailored to your immediate needs.

Now, picture searching Kikori on the internet and seconds later there are customized suggestions for lessons and activities, spanning across all grades and covering important standards like the Common Core, Social Emotional Learning standards and 21st Century Skills.

The goal of this survey is to find out the essential musts that will help Kikori meet your classroom needs. Your answers will help us create and design an app that will provide you with a stress-free, fun-hunting experience.

What is your full name?
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What is your email address?
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What is your profession?
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Where do you work? (type of school, general location)
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What populations do you work with?
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What are the things you like most about your school? (This question is intentionally broad as we want to hear whatever first comes to your mind)
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What are the things you like least about your school?
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How many hours do you spend each week preparing for your classes?
What resources do you use when planning your classes?
When you are planning for your classes, what are your most common frustrations?
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Within your classroom, what are your students' most common needs?
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Do you pay for any methodological resources to support your teaching?
If yes, what resources do you purchase and how much do they cost? How did you learn about this resource? How do you use this resource in planning or within your classroom? How often do you use it?
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Does your institution pay for any methodological resources to support your teaching?
If yes, what resources do they purchase and how much do they cost (per teacher or per school)?
What features would a resource need to have in order for you to spend money on it?
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What are the skills that you believe your students most need to develop?
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Would your school be interested in piloting Kikori?
Can Kikori creators contact you to follow up on the information you provided? (We would send an email to follow up)
We are looking for enthusiastic educators to use Kikori within their classroom for one year as a Beta Beta User. As a Beta Beta User, you would be able to use the app for free for one year with the intention of providing Kikori feedback on how it works, whether it meets your needs, and what features you would like to see). Would you love to be a Beta Beta User for Kikori?
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