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Final Submission Form
Finalist Teams must complete this form before the Final Submission date - 5/20/2020 1:00 PM Mountain Time. Only Finalist Teams as selected after Semi-Final Submissions must complete this form.
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Team Captain Name *
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Team Captain Email Address *
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Team Members *
Enter the first and last name of each member of your team, comma separated. This list should match the "Acknowledgement and Disclosure of Team Members" form you will submit to us for the Final Competition.
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Team GitHub Repository *
Enter the URL to your team GitHub repository created with the bot at registration. Ensure that your team has included all required documentation to enable the code review team to conduct their analysis. Ensure that your README contains documentation.
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Presentation Link *
Provide the URL to your Google Slides presentation that will be used at the Final Event.
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Additional Presentation Link
If your team created a separate presentation for the Judges to review before the Final Event, provide a link to it here.
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Provide a description of your submission in two sentences or less.
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