Multitude Residency Submission
Submission for The Overlook's March & April Artist Residency program, Multitude.
Who is The Overlook?
Our Mission //

The Overlook is a concept.

The Overlook is opportunity.

The Overlook is engagement.

The Overlook provides emerging women artists, queer artists, and artists of color a platform to further their practice and audience through a studio residency, exhibitions, and programming.

About our Space //

The Overlook is a multidisciplinary arts space located in Logan Square. We share the space with our friends, Orotund Music, an organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging the creative music community by hosting series of concerts, workshops, and other music events.

What is Multitude?
Multitude is an annual residency between four artists working in diverse mediums to create a collaborative themed publication. The theme of 2018's publication is "trauma."

Trauma means something different to everyone. We have all been affected by certain events in our or even other people's lives. This feeling, this state of mind and body can be expressed in multitudes. Trauma carries weight and has depth. As artists and as a community it is our duty and passion to explore the constant varying weight and depth of the human experience. This Multitude season at the Overlook we look forward to discovering what our four selected artists are able to achieve together in order to express the universal however singular nature of trauma.

About the residency //
Working as a four artist collaboration, Multitude brings together diverse mediums, practices, and artistic backgrounds to produce a on of a kind publication. Residents will work closely in the Overlook studio throughout March and April in making new collaborative work under the theme of the publication.

2017's Multitude // At it's inception, Multitude brought together four artists with backgrounds ranging from music, photography, arts administration, illustration, poetry, and art therapy to create a publication under the theme of "Humanness." See the artist book here,

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