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1 . High Fashion/Couture
High Fashion Modeling is the modeling for famous fashion houses and designer, either at fashion shows or in publications. The advertisers' expectations run high.To get this kind of work you must be experienced and a known model with a proven track record for this type of modeling.High Fashion models account for an extremely small percentage of the total model population in the industry.
2 . Runway/Catwalk
Runway Models work in Fashion Shows, where clothes designers present their upcoming designs or Shows, run by a store, mall, club etc. All runway models must meet special requirements, have measurements that fit standard clothing sizes and a height of over 180 cm.
3 . Commercial, Print & Catalogue
This is the biggest modeling category and the one most often overlooked and misunderstood by young models. Commercial models appear in ads, packaging, billboards, and magazine articles for everything from medicine to insurance, from work out equipment to office equipment. Photographs can appear on buses, magazines, newspapers and billboards. This is a category where personality and the ability to show different expressions are equally important as looks.
4 . Promotional
Promotions are how many models actually make a living.Promotional modeling ranges from being hired to hand out free samples of products to staffing trade show booths in large convention halls. This is a category that rarely involves being photographed and is very much about your personality and ability to interact with people.
5 . Character/People
Some jobs require models with an everyday look, such as a truck driver, mechanic, grocery clerk, schoolteacher, cleaning person, appliance repair person, and so on. (All models in television commercials are character models).
6 . Body Parts
A body parts model is someone who is modeling their best feature(s). If you have a perfect smile, feet, hands, legs, abs, butt, back, hair, eyes, lips etc., this may be for you. Body parts models are needed to model things such as watches, hand creams, pantyhose, jewelry, eyewear, makeup, shoes etc. This category also includes body doubles for film or video productions.
7 . Glamour
Certainly not for everyone. But if you are comfortable with your body and of legal age, glamour modeling can range anywhere from calendar girl to swimwear catalogue model.
8 . Film and Video
Film and video productions may be interesting to you if you have a background in drama or some previous acting experience.
9 . Plus size/Big Beauty
There are opportunities for the oversized model. The demand for ordinary-looking models with whom a majority of the audience can identify continues to increase. The market for full-figure models is growing and includes editorial, commercials, television and more. Many other opportunities exist that might fall into one of the modeling categories mentioned above.
4. Physical Details
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