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Saxon Strong Survey
Hi fellow Saxons! We need your feedback! The purpose of this survey is to gather opinions concerning how we want our North High community to look, sound, and feel like in the future. This information will then be used to make a student handbook for all students to have so that they are informed of the expectations we have for ourselves in how we treat one another, the campus, and how we act at all North High events.
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1. In assemblies we show Saxon pride by... wearing class colors and rooting on our classmates during competition.
2. At sporting events Saxon pride sounds like...everyone cheering on the team and having all seats filled to support our athletes.
3. A Saxon displays honor in the library by... doing what they're asked, respecting , Ms. Kooi, eachother, and any other adult in the library.
4. An example of a student who is driven in the classroom looks focused, interactive (asking many questions), getting their work done.
5.What does Saxon care look or sound like on the North High campus? Helping new students find their classrooms and saying hi to eachother in the halls.
6. What does care feel like in the classroom? Picking up trash seen around you, recycling plastic bottles in the bin and keeping a clean environment.
7.Saxon-family is shown in the quad by... getting along, speaking to eachother making friends outside of your normal clique.
8.What does it mean to have Saxon-family at sporting events? Everyone coming together and enjoying the sport together with no drama, just pure focus going into watching the game together.
9.How do students show honor in the quad? Picking up trash to keep our campus clean even when security or the principal isn't around.
10.What does Saxon drive look like? (In any area: grade level, team, club) Trying to be the best and succeed in any and every activity you do.
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