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(2018) Garage Kit Commission Form
I am officially booked for (2017)

This form is for you to fill out to request for a painted figure commission for 2018.

Please inquire below if you wish to secure a spot for 2018. Spots go fast, so secure while they last.

NOTE: Please be advised I just finished moving to another state, a bit behind on my current schedule for my current year, and my workshop being flooded in the basement, so please forgive me if my responses might seem delayed.

Rush Order option is DISABLED forever, given my current status with commissions and will probably not offer this service any longer.

NOTE 2: Please understand this is for serious inquiries, any attempt to get quotes but are asking for advice about GK building is not allowed. Though I don't mind helping fellow builders, it takes up a lot of my time which I do not have, so please forgive me. Also the fact I can't share all my secrets to everyone, so I have to be private for specific reasons. This is an order form, not a QnA =/

Add to your contacts
This insures that once I receive your commission inquiry, I can email you back via this account my results based on your information =)
What is your first name?
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Provide your email address in which I can contact you.
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How did you hear about me & my services? =)
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Have you read my commission info & rules?
What Do You Seek?
Do you have the kit in your possession? If yes, can you tell me if you purchased an original cast or a recast? Also please specify the shop in which you obtained the kit.
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Do you understand their are no refunds, once a kit is started?
Do you understand you can get your deposit refunded if a kit has not been cleaned during the initial inspection?
(If you have a kit in mind) Tell me what you are looking for. Please specify character name and series they appear in.
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(If you own a kit or know what your after) Tell me more about it. (MFC links, Image Links, Name, Series, Scale, etc.)
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What would you like done to the kit? Any customizations? Ideas on colors? Want a custom base? Explain what you like!
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Payments: Looking to pay in full? Split Payments?
Shipment Information, where should I ship the final product? Please also provide your country so I have a general idea.
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Any additional questions?
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After Submitting Your Form:
I will contact you back with my results after reviewing your information to give you estimates. =) Do not worry, this is not a contract in any form, this form simply helps me know what your looking for in what you want built so I can research =) But please keep in mind about the policies on my site need to be taken seriously when proceeding in ordering a customized service.
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