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PHX XC 2021 Race Autopsy
You should fill out the form below after each major race.  No race/performance is perfect - but no race is without a positive or two either.  A part of your job in getting to be a better runner is in identifying what went well and what didn't and what LED to that positive or negative result (be it physical or mental).  The faster you can determine this information about you - the more successful a season you will have.  My hope is that filling this form out will help you in that process.  This also allows me to gain some insight into your race/performance and provide feedback as well.  
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Time you ran in race? *
Overall, this race was...
Amazing / best performance ever
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From a PHYSICAL perspective, going into this race I felt... *
Amazing / ready to run really well
From a MENTAL perspective, going into this race I felt... *
Absolutely terrified / dreading it
Nervous/excited (in a good way) and ready to go!
From a MENTAL perspective ,  DURING the race I felt... *
Just gave up the second it hurt / things didn't go my way
Ultra mental tough race!
Good, bad and the ugly... *
What went really well today and is a positive?  What do you need to fix?  What was the conversation like in your head?  How did you feel physically?  Tell me how the race went in detail...
What are you going to do about it?   *
Perhaps the race went amazing - perhaps it was a disaster.  Both pose challenges as the next race draws near.  What are you going to do in the next race (physically, mentally and emotionally)?
Other race or training comments? *
Anything else you want to add about your race, mental preparation, injury, training, etc.
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