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"Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness": An Evening Celebrating Black Excellence in Oratorical and the Visual and Performing Arts - African American Student Achievement Initiative DPLT (AASAI ENTRY FORM)

Spearheaded by the African American Student Achievement Initiatives's District Parent Leadership Team (DPLT) and coordinated by Ms. Diana Levy, HUSD Administrator of AASAI; Mr. Marlan Simpson, Assistant Principal at Mt. Eden High School; and parent liaisons to the AASAI DPLT; the AASAI Oratorical and Visual and Performing Arts Fest is designed to give Hayward Unifed School District's AA students an opportunity to showcase their talents while giving honor to those individuals whose "Shoulders they Stand On."

Celebration Details: The African American Student Achievement Initiative's District Parent Leadership Team (DPLT) is currently accepting submissions from talented AA, K-12th grade students to be considered for this opportunity.

Application Deadline: Monday, February 12, 2018 by 5:00pm
Oratorical Fest Date: Friday, February 23, 2018; Tennyson High School Cafeteria

AASAI "Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness" Guidelines:

Students may choose to do one of the following:

1. Original spoken word, or essay - 2-3 min limit
2. Recitation of an inspirational historical AA poem or speech - 2- 3 min limit
3. Perform a short Choral Reading/Skit - 5 min limit
4. Perform an instrumental piece or vocal piece - 3 min limit
5. Perform an original dance interpretation - 3-4 min limit
6. Display an original piece or art -

All entries must align with our theme, "Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness." For example a dance interpretation giving honor to a great AA dancer; or an instrumental/vocal piece giving honor to a great AA musician/vocalist. A recitation of a speech by an AA freedom fighter for social justice such as Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, etc. Original spoken word or essay honoring someone whose "shoulders you stand" on today.

Thank you for your interest in registering for AASAI's Second Oratorical and Visual and Performing Arts Celebration. Please use the form to register yourself, a group, or your students. Entries will be received on a first come, first serve basis. Spaces are limited and dependent on number of students entering at each school and/or feeder pattern. Once you've registered, please await an email to confirm your entry within 1-week of your submission.

Staff or Parent/Guardian First Name *
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Staff or Parent/Guardian Last Name *
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The performer(s) name(s). If there is more than one performer, please list each student name. *
For example: "The Young Gifted Scholars" with John Doe, Sally Mae, Mary Mack
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Best Phone Number to Reach You *
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Best Email Address to Reach You *
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What school are you (or the group) registering) from? *
Describe the type of performance the student(s) will perform. *
Write a brief description of the type of performance student(s) will perform and describe how it relates to the theme "Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness." *
For example: My child will recite a speech by Dr. MLK titled "I Have A Dream". Our family chose this because it pays tribute to someone from our history who helped shape our nation.
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Will the performer(s) require any technical set-up? *
If performers need technical assistance and/or set up time, please describe the needs below. *
For example: My performing group will need space & time to set up a drum and amplifier.
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I have permission from my parent/guardian to participate in the AASAI Oratorical and Visual and Performing Arts Celebration. *
All participants that are selected will be required to submit a parent guardian permission form
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I understand deadline for entry is Monday, February 12 by 5:00pm *
I understand, if I am selected as an "AASAI Oratorical and Visual and Performing Arts Celebration" participant, my entry must be based on the theme, "Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness." *
I understand that completing this application does not mean I am guaranteed a spot, or will be selected to participate in AASAI's Inaugural Oratorical Fest. *
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