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Application/Disclaimer for “Wing Chun Ljubljana”
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General terms and rules of membership in the MARTIAL ARTS SOCIETY WING CHUN LJUBLJANA

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial arts system. It is principle-based with the premise that one would be smaller, weaker and slower than one's opponent. Traditionally it encompasses three empty-hand forms, a wooden dummy form and two weapons (Luk Dim Poon Kwan / long pole and Bart Cham Dao / butterfly knives).

1. The teacher Mr. Häberlin reserves himself the right to:
● Increase the monthly fees - which are to be paid at the beginning of each training month - for training and/or to charge additionally for the Wing Chun forms, gradings etc. There are no refunds.
● Expel a student whose behavior is not acceptable and disturbing. Disciplinary problems and non-compliance with the rules & terms are not tolerated and result in expulsion without feedback information if the teacher Mr. Häberlin decides so. - Any fees paid (by the student to be expelled) will be forfeited.
● Refuse a student who is younger than 18 years, or one who is older than 35 years.
● Not teach the Wing Chun weapons’ forms (Luk Dim Poon Kwan and Bart Cham Dao) unless he feels comfortable
to do so.

2. Wing Chun is essentially a martial art and therefore should be practiced in that spirit. In this regard, the student is expected to follow some basic rules which help insure that there is a positive and safe environment for learning the art of Wing Chun:
● The student respects his teacher, seniors and fellow classmates.
● The student will work hard, consistently and diligently and is thus serious in his/her approach to learning Wing Chun.
● The students are asked not to attempt to teach techniques, exercises, drills unless given explicit permission from the teacher Mr. Häberlin.
● The student understands that skill is only acquired through one’s own hard work and therefore, the student’s progress will depend very much on regularly attending class. For this reason, an attendance record will be kept for all students, whereby monthly fees are not related upon actual attendance.
● No jewelry is to be worn during practice since jewelry, watches etc. can cause unnecessary injuries.

3. Moreover, students are encouraged to practice basic training (forms, drills, exercises) outside regular class trainings in order to obtain and further their level of skill and ability. Strengthening the body by means of specialized drills is part of the Wing Chun curriculum and its purpose is to enhance martial ability. Partner drills are tools to improve the students’ technique of the art, as well as preparing the body to be able to withstand a sufficient amount of incoming force through bone strengthening and to increase the level of tolerance for pain in order to actually make the acquired skill applicable.

4. The student recognizes and agrees that by participating and training the martial art of Wing Chun, one does not yet qualify as an instructor or teacher (SiFu) of the martial art of Wing Chun. Becoming a SiFu requires besides long-lasting training an additional education and training and the acquisition of a SiFu title, which is granted by Mr. Häberlin or another SiFu.

The student agrees not to use the knowledge, techniques, exercises and other skills, obtained by training Wing Chun, to teach other students or third parties in any way. The student further agrees not to establish associations or other educational institutions, which would teach the techniques, exercises and other skills acquired through training Wing Chun. This prohibition is in force for as long as the student does not carry out all adequate trainings and educations to become a teacher or instructor (SiFu) and as long as the student does not obtain a valid SiFu title from Mr. Häberlin or another SiFu.

5. All students are joining the “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” and perform activities voluntarily and at their own risk. The student understands that Wing Chun is a martial art and is therefore inherently risky, whereby latter is acknowledged and accepted by the virtue of signing this document.

The student must always act in accordance with all written and oral instructions of the teacher Mr. Häberlin and in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The student is aware that he/she should attend all trainings of Wing Chun healthy and should ensure that he/she does not conceal any potential illnesses, injuries or medical conditions, which would pose an obstacle to his/her participation in training. The student must immediately let the teacher Mr. Häberlin know of any medical problem, condition or injury that occurs or could occur to the student as a result of the training and is obligated to immediately seek medical attention.
In the event the student suffers any injury as a result of the ordinary practice of Wing Chun, the student explicitly waives all claims towards “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” and/or other persons associated with “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana”, including but not limited to Mr. Häberlin.

The student fully accepts and assumes the risk and liability for any loss or damage arising or resulting on himself/herself, other participants or third parties as a result of the his/her own actions or actions of another participant, for the duration of the training in Wing Chun, which arise as a result of conduct contrary to the instructions of the teacher and these terms and conditions.

The student is responsible for any damage to or destruction of objects or things owned by “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” or things that “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” has rented or borrowed, and all other things hat enable “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” to execute the trainings, as well as damage to or destruction of objects or things owned by third parties.

“Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” has the right to demand repayment of damage from the student, namely the damage which was intentionally caused or caused by negligent misconduct and behavior. In this event, the student is obliged to settle such damage immediately.

The student commits that he/she will not use his/her knowledge of martial arts Wing Chun for illegal purposes.

7. A training season lasts from 1st October to 30th September the following year. The student is to pay the fee at the beginning of each month regardless whether he/she will or will not attend trainings. If the student decides to cease with trainings of Wing Chun he/she is expected to notify the teacher in writing in reasonable time, at latest before the start of a new month. If the student neglects to notify the teacher, he/she will be required to pay the monthly fee, as any other regular student.

8. The Membership in the “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” is according to legal frameworks of personal nature. Upon enrolment process the student shall submit his personal data, which consist of:
- Name and Surname;
- Address;
- Date of Birth.
The student explicitly agrees to also submit his e-mail address and mobile phone number upon enrollment, in order to receive notifications and documents in digital form.

All of the above described personal data is used by the “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” solely for preparation of trainings, to notify its students regarding any changes in trainings and other activities and to send invoices.

Personal data is erased immediately after the student has expressed his withdrawal from the “Society Wing Chun Ljubljana” or the student is expelled by Mr. Häberlin.

9. By signing this document, I acknowledge to have read and understood the above-mentioned conditions & rules and accept them.

10. This document is drafted in English and Slovene language. In case of discrepancy English language shall prevail.
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