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Diversity & Inclusion at CTN: Suggestions and Concerns
This form is intended for all members of the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience.

We welcome your suggestions and concerns on how to make the Center a more diverse and inclusive place for everyone.

We encourage you to be as specific as possible while protecting yours and others' identity when describing a first-hand experience, something you witnessed as a third party, or an idea that you feel would improve diversity and inclusion at the Center.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, composed of Sean Bittner, Kelly Buchanan, Joshua Glaser, Ashok Litwin-Kumar, Laureline Logiaco, Allison Ong, and Shreya Saxena.

**Please note that your submission may be brought up as a discussion topic at one of our diversity-inclusion meetings.** These meetings are open to all members of the Center. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will anonymize all identifying characteristics as appropriate prior to the discussion.

Discrimination can happen in subtle, indirect, or unintentional ways. For example using the pronoun "he" generically when referring to engineers, doctors, and other traditionally male-dominated professions, or when someone continuously interrupts a female during a meeting but doesn't do the same to males.
I witnessed or experienced discrimination in a subtle, indirect, or unintentional way when:
Suggestions on how to make the Theory Center a more diverse and inclusive place:
Concerns or experiences at the Theory Center that had an impact on you:
Are you okay with the faculty representative on the committee, Ashok Litwin-Kumar, viewing your submission? *
Limits on the confidentiality of your submission:
All University faculty members, staff members, and administrators, with the exception of those working in a confidential capacity (e.g., counselors, rape crisis advocates, medical providers, and clergy) who learn of suspected instances of discrimination, harassment or gender-based misconduct, directly or indirectly, have a duty to refer the information immediately to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action or the Gender-Based Misconduct Office.

To report an incident, go to:

Below are options if you wish to speak to someone confidentially.

If you are a student:
SVR Office (
Ombuds Office (
Health Services (
University Chaplain (
Counseling Center (
Office of Disability Services (

If you are a staff or faculty member, including postdocs:
Ombuds Office (
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (Call 888-673-1153 or visit, username: Columbia, password: eap)

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