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"The Sierra Way" Quiz-2019 Q4
All Students at Sierra are expected to understand and master the ''Sierra Way". By passing this you have proven you are ready, and understand what it takes to be successful at Sierra High School. Some questions have more than one right answer, please check all that are correct.
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If a student needs to see the counselor, the student should
Cell phones at Sierra High School must
Gum is not allowed at Sierra HS because
During a lock down drill, students must
Students are not considered tardy if
During a disaster drill, students should
How does your class earn PRIDE Points?
When needing to use the restroom students should
During a fire drill, students should
If you serve a detention for being tardy... (mark all that apply)
Which of these are excused absences? Mark all that apply
Profanity is prohibited
Students should always carry their laptop
In most cases, a Level 1 is a
In most cases, a Level 2 is a
In most cases. a Level 3 requires
Students are allowed to wear
Students are allowed to wear
When arriving at school, students should always
When leaving school, students should always
During nutrition, students must
When coming in to the office for any reason, students must
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