D303 Middle Schools Digital Device Guidelines

Students at the middle school will be allowed to bring their own digital device to school for the purposes of accessing e-books and other educational content. Our expectation is that students will use these devices in ways that are respectful and appropriate to learning, as well as to others. Students using these devices will be held accountable to the District 303 Technology Use Agreement found on pages 16-17 of the Student Handbook. “Users are expected to utilize technology resources in an efficient, ethical and legal manner. If a user violates any of these expectations, his/her access may be terminated, future access may be denied, and disciplinary action may be warranted.”

As we pilot the use of these devices, the following requirements must be met:
-- All devices must be non-cellular*: This may include tablet devices (iPads, iPod Touch, Kindles, E-Readers etc.) that do not have cellular connectivity.
-- Must be well labeled: All devices must have the student’s name printed clearly on the device in some permanent form.
-- Parent agreement on file: Parents and students must sign an agreement before the student is allowed to use a digital device at school.

When devices are used, the following must be noted:
-- Using the digital devices is a privilege. Teacher permission must be given to use a device. Teachers may request that devices not be used at any time.
-- Students and parents must understand the school is not fiscally-responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal devices.
--If students use their personal devices on school premises in any manner not considered constructive, educational, and/or related to school, consequences will follow as outlined in the Student Handbook on pages 16-17 and page 40.

Please note that this is a pilot, and the pilot may change or end at any time based on effective and appropriate use of devices.

*cellular plans provide Internet connectivity options on smart phones which bypass our Internet filter.

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