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Sacred Feminine Art & Yoga Retreat
Led by Mary Bue and Sarah Brokke.

All information on this form will be kept confidential.  

When you are selected via lottery to attend, we will contact you if we have any clarifying questions regarding your dietary or accessibility needs, as we want this retreat to be as relaxing as possible.
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The Villa!
Below you will be asked questions that will help us assign rooms and further plan our time together. If you have someone you are planning on attending with, this will afford you the space to say so!  No worries if not, we just want to make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.
Image: Our home away from home
Room Preference (please select as many options as you wish, rooms will be given on a first come, first serve basis) *
If you selected 'shared room'  please indicate if you have a roommate preference:  (Please note: Both you and your preferred roommate must indicate the desire to share a room before you will be placed together.)
If you have selected 'shared room', and haven't selected a roommate preference, are there any potential attendee(s) that you'd prefer not to share a room with? No questions asked and this information will be kept confidential.
If you are willing to share a room and don't have a chosen roommate, please share with us things that you believe to be true about you when it comes to your bedtime/sleep/morning routines.  We all have a degree of flexibility, of course, but we are trying to match folks the best we can!  (Examples: Are you a night owl? Do you like to read before bed? Do you snore?)
Image: Villa Dining Room
Dietary needs (We will do our best to meet your requests! If you have allergies, please denote those in the 'other' option.) *
It is our intent to make this retreat as accessible as possible.  That said, this experience includes a degree of navigating uneven, worn surfaces (like cobblestones in Florence) and climbing some stairs. Beyond that, we will do all we can to provide a safe and open learning experience, embracing you fully in your body, mind and spirit with respect and consideration for your individual abilities.
Please note here if you have any needs when it comes to making this retreat more accessible for you and/or any concerns you might have:
By checking this box you agree to pay the $600 non-refundable deposit if chosen via lottery. *
Thank you so much for your interest!  We couldn't be more excited for this potential adventure!
Image:  Florence Skyline with Duomo
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