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2019 Missional Innovative Partnership Grant Application
Grants are for up to $5,000.00 from the Episcopal Church. The grantee must be an Episcopal entity (faith community, church group, or ECMN-wide group) within the Episcopal Church of Minnesota.

Grantees must have a partner to do their project or mission work. For examples of past grant awards, please visit

Please note that each MIP application will be scored based on a 100-point rubric, see below. Each rubric statement is worth 10 points. Your application should clearly, fully, and concisely address how your proposal address these ten evaluation statements.

The grants are due by Monday, May 6, 2019 at 5pm. Grant awards will then be assessed by the Mission Committee of Council at the June 8 Meeting of Elected Bodies. Awarded grants will receive funds between July 2019 and December 2019.

**If you do not have a google account you will likely not be allowed to upload documents. Therefore, you can either create a gmail account or email them to the Missioner for Community Engagement, her email is below. Please title the email MIP Grant Application - Faith Community name. **

If you have questions about the application, please contact Rachel Babbitt, Missioner for Community Engagement at

Part I: Application
Details of project
1. Describe, in detail, the project or mission work you want the Committee to fund. What is the goal? Why does your group want to do this work? Remember, the Committee likely knows nothing about your context and project. *
2. Name all partners that would help you do this work. *
3. Describe how the partnership would work, who is responsible for what parts of the project. *
4. How does this project or mission allow for other faith communities members to participate and/or build relationships outside of the faith community?
5. Explain how this project or mission work supports the work of building Beloved Community. *
6. How does this project or mission work fill a need or address a gap? Please provide detailed information. *
7. Explain how you will measure and know if you are successful? *
8. Explain how you will maintain the partnership after and project after the grant funded time. *
Part II: Documents
Please upload supporting documents
A. Upload a program budget detailing the use of the funds.
B. Upload additional documents, as needed, that will support your application.
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