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Have you completed your YTT 200 hour training? *
Are you aware that you must have had 6 months to 1 year of experience in teaching /advanced practice (at minimum) prior to enrolling in our training? *
What is the name of the school you graduated from? Is it registered under Yoga Alliance? *
What is your main intention for joining this course? Please note the areas you are interested in focusing your learning and your expectations of growth as a teacher.
Do you have additional trainings in Yoga? If so, please indicate how many hours, the main topics studied and specializations
How long have you been teaching Yoga? Please detail the yoga style, type of classes, and whether they were in studios, retreats, NGO, corporations etc. (please be as detailed as possible in your answer).
What do you love about Yoga?
Which skills, abilities and strengths you consider yourself to have as an individual (but not as a Yoga teacher)
What do you consider your weaknesses and areas in need of improvement as an individual (but not as a Yoga teacher)
Do you tend to be more of a leader or a follower in a group?
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Please rate yourself on the following competences/skills ladder; 1 being the least proficient and 5 being the most. *
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Able to listen
Able to learn quickly
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Able to manage your emotions
Willing to learn new things
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How often do you practice asana and what style do you prefer as your personal practice?
What is your meditation background experience? Please explain where you studied, what technique and religious background, and how long you have been practicing?
Have you ever attended a Vipassana retreat,(Goenka or non- Goenka), a Transcendental Meditation retreat or any similar type of silent retreat? If so how many days? Please indicate where and when
What is your religious background and do you feel that your beliefs might be challenged or offended by a training which sits under a Hindu and Buddhist lineage?
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