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Omega Lamplighter Staff/Volunteer Application Form 2018-2019
We appreciate your interest in our program and assure you that we are interested in your qualifications. A clear understanding of your background and volunteer history will assist us in placing you in a position that, in our judgment, best meets the needs of our program.
Below are brief descriptions of each position:

Program Director
Responsible for overseeing the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of a broad range of programs for males between the ages of 13 and 18 in the areas of Leadership, Academics, Maturity and Perseverance; Provides leadership and supervision to program and volunteer staff; Manages budgets and controls expenses as assigned.

POSITION -. Marketing and Communications Coordinator

JOB PURPOSE: Marketing communications coordinators develop materials to distribute information regarding the organization's events, fundraisers, and other happenings to the public and the media.

An integral part of this position is overseeing the production of content for both print and social media, including brochures, blogs, and online newsletters. The coordinator will serve in a support capacity for major program productions, such as banquets, programs, fundraisers, community services and other annual events.

The marketing communications coordinators may also write and distribute press releases. The coordinators' connection with the young men in the program will be to develop and train a marketing team that will facilitate the day to day public relations operations for the program.

POSITION - Program Counselor

JOB PURPOSE: The Counselor will offer guidance to individuals and small groups within the program towards personal growth and effective goal-setting.

Responsible for overseeing the internal mentor initiative and aligning workshops to meet the needs of the members of the program; Counsel program members whose behavior, school progress, or mental/physical condition indicates need for assistance; Consult with parents, teachers, and other agency personnel to determine the cause(s) of problems and to develop and implement solutions; Prepare and participate in monthly parent/guardian meetings; Lead group counseling sessions to enhance social development of individual students, provide peer support in areas such as grief, stress, abuse or chemical dependency, and coordinate care management and referral services for students and families during program enrollment.

POSITION - Program Support

JOB PURPOSE: Executive Support Staff provide general support to committees through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication to ensure the efficient operation of the program.

Act as the liaison between the various sub committee heads and the Director; Meet with subcommittee heads regularly and report progress to the Director; Act as a resource for committee heads and assist them as needed.

POSITION – Academics Coordinator

JOB PURPOSE: The Academics Coordinator will seek and offer guidance to individuals to ensure that each person reaches their full academic potential.

Responsible for overseeing the academic needs of individuals in the program. The Academics Coordinator will develop and maintain an academic profile for each individual in the program and work closely with the program’s tutors to ensure that individuals receive help in areas identified as academic weaknesses. The Academics coordinator will also be responsible for collecting report cards to ensure that GPA requirements are met and maintained.

POSITION – Secretary

JOB PURPOSE: The Secretary will assist the Program Director as administrative support to optimize the flow of the program.

Responsible for preparing and disseminating correspondence, memos and forms to program staff volunteers, individuals in the program, parents, the community and other program affiliates. The secretary will assist in the management of the program’s events calendar and the scheduling of meetings/appointments. Other duties may include assisting with travel arrangements for out of town activities, maintaining and updating contact information for program participants and affiliates, and acting as the liaison between the public and the Program Director as needed.

POSITION – Special Event Volunteer

JOB PURPOSE: The Special Event Volunteer will assist with the planning, preparation and implementation of the program’s events.

Responsible for coordinating the logistics of the event, locating venues and guest speakers, decorating, assisting with the management of ticket sales, and performing other tasks according to need.

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