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What If Fund: Application
The What If Fund is about helping low income homeowners or charities in times of crisis.

By donating 1% of every To Do-Done transaction, we fund and perform necessary house/building improvements for low income homeowners and charities who are in a time of crisis and are not in the position to pay for these necessary improvements.

Our current application process is open on a rolling application basis. A recipient (or recipients) will be selected and notified following a board review of applications. Please note that all personal information will remain private and are only being requested in order to assess the candidacy of the applicants. An interview with the candidates being considered for funding will be required.

Applicants may be nominated by others, or may nominate themselves. Note that, at this time, work requested may only be conducted in Ottawa, Ontario.

Full Name (first and last) of applicant/nominee: *
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Address of Building that requires improvements: *
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Contact Information of Applicant: Phone Number *
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Email address: *
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Please describe the current crisis and why you are applying/nominating someone for "What If" Funds: *
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What types of repairs do you believe are required in order to bring the home or building up to functional standards again?
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Please describe the level and depth of positive and meaningful impact the repairs will have on the recipients and their family, including the number of household members who will directly benefit.
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On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent, please rate the normal building conditions (before the crisis), i.e. poor conditions would be overcrowded, unsafe or unhealthy (e.g. inadequate structure, unsafe wiring, heating, water, poor sanitation, etc.). *
Is the applicant able to show proof of stable income and regular mortgage payments for a minimum of 2 years, and that they are the owner/occupier of the building? *
What is the current family income? *
Are there barriers that now exist for physically challenged family members, following the crisis? *
Is the applicant willing to help us publicly spread the word about the "What If" Fund and participate in media events when required? *
Is the applicant willing to learn about the responsibilities of home maintenance, as required, associated with the renovations performed? *
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