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Dear prospective student/parent,

Prior to registering for private lessons, here at CMC we offer a free trial lesson with a teacher. You can now request either (1) a free trial online lesson OR (2) a free trial in-person lesson, by filling out and submitting the following form. 

If you're filling out the questionnaire on behalf of your young child: Sometimes it can be hard ot know whether or not your child is ready for music lessons.  Click HERE to learn more about how to find out & for a general age guideline for certain instruments.

Please submit ONE FORM PER STUDENT who wishes to receive a free trial lesson.

Please answer ALL of the questions below so that we are able to fit you/your child with a teacher we feel would be the best match.
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Email *
Student's first name *
Student's last name *
Student's preferred name
Age of student *
Student's preferred gender pronoun *
Your full name (if you're a parent of the student)
Best email address to reach you at *
Best phone number to reach you at *
What type of free trial lesson would you like to book? *
Instrument(s) the student is interested in (NOTE: if the student is interested in more than one instrument, please select a MAX of 2 choices). 

Please read this page for "Age appropriate guidelines for instrumental/vocal lessons":

Please click HERE for our Musical Preludes program, an introductory group class for 3-6 year olds.
Student's musical background (if any) *
Musical tastes (what the student likes to listen to) *
Musical goals *
Student's personality *
Your availability for the potential weekly regular lesson time (best days and time frames; we are open Monday -Friday 1pm-8:30pm to Saturday 9:00am-4:30pm) Please give us a few times you can make, not just 1 spot, and not just 1 day, so we can see all of the options for you. *
Type of teacher that you/your child best responds to (for children, at school)
FOR ONLINE TRIALS ONLY: Do you have a good wired internet connection / good wifi in the area where your online lesson would take place? *
Do you already have the instrument that you're interested in doing the trial lesson for?  (you must have the instrument at home in order to have an ONLINE trial and for daily practice at home, for both in person and online lessons) *
Anything else you want to add to help us best match you/your child with the best teacher?
How did you hear about us? (A friend/family member already taking lessons at CMC? Our IG/FB? Online search?) *
If a friend/family member recommended you to us, please let us know their full name, so we can thank them! (also, when you register, they will get a credit for a 1x30min lesson to their account):
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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