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Action:reAction Conference Workshop Application Form
Please complete the following form to submit your proposal for a workshop for the 2019 Action:reAction Student Social Forum. The event takes place on Wednesday May 8, 2019 from approximately 9 am to 3 pm with workshops being offered in the morning before lunch. The event will be held at Central Technical School, 725 Bathurst St. For more information, check the Call for Proposals document at

Please note that this event is fully coordinated and run by volunteer members of OSSTF.

This year, we are asking all applicants who apply to consider repeating their workshop in both time slots so that all students have maximum opportunity to attend the workshop of their choice. We are looking for workshops that will be active, creative, inspiring, inclusive, and participatory.

Please note that lunch will be provided but we ask all participants in this event, including workshop presenters, to please bring their own re-usable utensils, napkins, plates/Tupperware, and cups to keep our event garbage-free!

Answer all questions to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of an answer, please write down when you will be able to provide set information. Note some questions are mandatory to fill out for planning purposes. Questions about how to complete the form can be sent to Koryn Marshall

Deadline for submission of proposals is Thursday February 7, 2019.

Callback for successful and unsuccessful applications is by the end of February.

Name of Group or Individual submitting the proposal *
Enter if you are applying as an organization or group. If you are applying as an individual, please put your name
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Contact Name *
Please enter the name of the main contact person for this proposal
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Workshop Facilitator Name(s) *
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Facilitator's background and experience *
In less than 150 words, what is it about you that allows you to deliver this workshop?
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Group background and experience *
In 150 words or less, if you are a group, give a brief description of your mission, purpose, membership and main activities
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Further Information
If applicable, please include where students can find further information on you or your group (Webpage, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
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Workshop Name *
Please note this workshop name will be promoted to high school students so it should be catchy.
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Workshop Promotion *
In less than 150 words, please provide a paragraph for your workshop that can be used to promote your workshop to students (generally 14 - 18 years old). Please be aware that students will be selecting the workshops in which they would like to participate.
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Workshop description *
In 100 words or less, explain the main idea of your proposed workshop.
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Student Engagement *
In 100 words or less, explain how students will ACTIVELY participate in your workshop.
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AV *
We are unable to guarantee access to computers, projectors and sound systems as classroom resources vary from room to room. We ask that you bring your own equipment if possible. We are willing to reimburse for costs if you have costs associated with providing your own AV. Where this is a barrier to participation, we are happy to work with you to provide the equipment you need.
Other materials *
Are you available to participate/facilitate during the afternoon open space session from 1 to 3 pm? *
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