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Community Rooftops - Revolving Community Energy Fund
Please fill out this form to apply for a COREM (Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby) interest-free loan for your solar PV installation. Send any queries to or phone 04100 19997
Name of your organisation *
In less than fifty words please tell us about your organisation. *
Why is solar not suitable for your premises? (shading, we dont have a central office, council lease etc) *
Contact name *
Contact phone/s *
Contact email/s *
What is your DAILY average kW/hr usage - please look at several previous bills to estimate a daily average over the year. Please email us two (preferably four) of your most recent electricity bills. *
Who is your current energy retailer, if applicable? *
If your current retailer is contributing to climate pollution are you willing find out about switching to ethical electricity. (This takes very little time and adds no/little extra financial cost). For more information go to: *
That's it for now. Thanks for your interest. Any other comments you have please write them below. Please send an email to to notify us when you submit this form.
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