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Swift Champion Application Form
About Our Family
Swift Champions is a top 15 clan. We’ve remained in the top 15 for over a year now, and we even made the semi-finals in the 2016 Clash of Clans, and won a special prize for competing in the 2017 CoC. We consider ourselves semi competitive, but as we’ve evolved, we have begun to focus more on the family aspect of our clan rather than our competitiveness. Of course we still strongly encourage racing, and our dream is to make it to the top ten again. But we are happy to know that we have a family in each other, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We also strongly believe in “Fair” racing, according to our standards. We do not tell other people they are wrong. We do not belittle them for how they race. But all of our members have the same beliefs when it comes to racing, and we expect our members to race by the rules we set down. Since we all share the same racing beliefs, this isn’t a hard task. It is our shared values that help us succeed so well as a clan and as a family.

Above all else, we are a Family. When you become a Swift Champion, we expect it to be forever. We all like each other far too much to ever want to say good bye.

Our Values & What We Expect
Swift Champions value friendship, respect, and loyalty above all other things. This goes for people within our clan, and all those outside of Swift as well. Everyone deserves to be treated kindly, even when they are not being kind. We do not fight cruelty with cruelty. When in game or on the forum, we need to be kind and show respect to all those who are around us, even when there are differences in opinion and beliefs. When a person has the Swift Champion name above their head, they are a representation of who we are as a clan. So swearing, cheating, hacking, and disrespect are not welcome here.

We ask that our members try to gain 400 trophies every two months, but we are extremely lenient when someone is unable to gain trophies. We keep track of the trophies that everyone gains and we would like to see your number continually rise, even if it's just a little bit at a time. If something comes up in your life that keeps you away from the game, it is important that leadership is informed. When a family member goes missing for an extended period of time, we all start to worry. Communication is very important to us. We like to offer inactive members the chance to join our second clan, Swift Warriors. SW members are then welcome to join the main clan again when they become active again.

With racing or gaining trophies in general, we never cheat the system. We do not use “dummy” vikings to cheat easy trophies. Hacking is prohibited as well. These methods of gaining trophies can result in the removal of the clan, but we do like giving second chances to those willing to fix their wrongdoings.

Rules for Racing:
-No hacking or cheating trophies in any way
-Try to earn 400 trophies every two months (about 50 a week)
-No traps. If someone else is excessively using traps, you may sparingly use traps. Do not drop them on someone's head. Do not place them in a checkpoint ring.
-DO NOT boost unless someone else does so first within the race, or if you are far behind other racers. Boosting from behind should be only to catch up to other racers, not to steal a win.
-We are against the use of the shield because it causes people to be pushed out of the way.
-Be respectful to those you race with. No rude comments to those who win or lose to you.
-If someone is disrespectful towards you or another clan member, be sure to take a screenshot and send it to the leadership of Swift.
-Have fun and make friends. Not everything is about winning :)

Terms & Conditions for Joining Swift Champions
By submitting my form, I understand my expectations and responsibilities. I understand that Swift Champions prohibits its members from hacking and glitching the systems for self-gain including, but not limited to: speed hacking, backwards racing, and the use of dummy vikings. I understand that Swift Champions expects its members to race fairly with others, which means no boosting unless someone else does it first, no shooting, and no leaving traps unless someone else is excessively dropping them. I understand that Swift Champions requires loyalty, and if I prove myself disloyal, I will be kicked out and not allowed back into the clan. I understand that in game, and on the forums (and anywhere else) I will not bully anyone and will show kindness and respect everyone in Swift Champions or other clans. I understand that art theft is not acceptable behaviour for a member of Swift Champions. I understand that I need to continually work on my trophy count, and try to get 400 trophies ever two months to remain in the clan. I hereby understand that if I do not follow what’s above, I will face consequences. If you have a problem with any of what's above, please contact Maijic, Stiger23, themasterplan47, or Rebicar.
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We ask that you have 750 to join, but we give you time to get this amount if you are under 750.
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Knowing how people see our clan can help us in making improvements that will benefit everyone.
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Just so we can get to know you a little. You can talk about what you like in SoD or interests you have outside of the game.
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The Master Clause
Our Master, of 47 plans, (themasterplan47), said unto us, "Thou Shalt maketh a song about thy commandments and thy Master." As dutiful servants to our all powerful master, we oblige.
Will you provide a few lyrics for our master?
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