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Please indicate your preference for each situation. Thanks!
Comma before final “too.” (He went with us, too.)
Slashes in date (3/14/16) or dashes in date (3-14-16)?
Capitalize “Counsel” if a name can be replaced (Repeat that, Counsel/Lisa)?
Dashes between inch-and-a-half?
Capitalize North, South, East, West?
Spell out numbers one through:
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If witness says "eight o'clock":
If witness says "two million dollars":
If witness spells out a word:
Choose the sample below that you prefer in an answer to a question:
Choose the sample below that you prefer on specific numbers:
Choose the comma series that you prefer:
Choose the sample below in dealing with money when $ is not mentioned on the first number, but it is clearly understood:
If a witness says "nineteen ninety five or six," and it is clearly understood they mean 1995 or 1996:
Do you like [sic] to be written in the transcript when the speaker is clearly misstating a name or date?
Choose your preference below on a sample question asked:
Choose date form you prefer (comma or no comma):
Choose your preference for "correct" or "right" at the end of a question:
Please list any additional concerns or preferences:
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