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Bounty for BTW voting on Bit-Z
Instruction for voting:
1) Register using the referral link. All users who register from the link and enable 2FA can get 50VTC + Bonus in BTW.

2) Confirm your email address.
3) Login again.
4) Enable 2FA.
5) Finish level 3 verification.
6) Go to "Vote" page.
7) Scroll to BTW project.
8) Click on "Detail".
9) Vote with VTC tokens. You can use only 50 tokens with level 3 verification. If you want to vote more, you can vote with a maximum of 200 VTC, remaining tokens can be purchased at "Bit-Z" OTC market. The more VTC that you bring into voting - the more rewards you will receive. You can buy more VTC here: (Reminder: All VTC that you buy, will remain with you and you will can vote for other projects in the future and getting bonuses for it.)
Bounty for voting on Bit-Z:
You can find it’s here:

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