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2020 Utah FYE Consortium: Breakout Sessions
Monday, March 23, 2020
Utah Valley University
9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Deadline: Friday, January 3rd
The Utah First-Year Consortium is dedicated to promoting the success of first-year students, advancing first-year research, and facilitating partnerships to enhance the first-year of college. This year's conference focuses on the holistic health of the first-year student. As educators, we realize our students have increasingly complex and evolving needs with regard to health and wellness. From the increasing need for mental health resources and campus safety training, to the importance of creating inclusive communities, first-year programs are on the forefront of wellness-related issues.

We invite health- and wellness-related breakout session proposals from all who are engaged with first-year students. Professionals at all levels are welcome to participate. Students are invited to participate when partnering with professionals. Roundtable discussions are welcome, as they provide valuable space for first-year practitioners to discuss topics. Session presentations are also welcome. Potential presentation/discussion topics include but are certainly not limited to:

* Campus Safety
* Title IX
* Mental Health
* Emergency Preparedness and/or Campus Alerts
* Controversy on Campus
* Resilience Training
* Dimensions of Wellness
* Creative Teaching/Training Ideas
* Supporting the needs of special populations such as post-traditional students
* Successful Partnerships Regarding Wellness
* FYE Curriculum that Supports Health and Wellness

What we're looking for:

* Presentations that give us key/relevant information we need to do our jobs
* Participant outcomes and session type
* Theory, practice, and/or research basis
* Support for practices, conclusions, and/or recommendations
* Comprises workshop session time of approximately 45 minutes

What we're asking from you:

* A clear objective/takeaway for attendees
* A clear outline of how you plan to share your information and engage the attendees in your presentation
* No need to use formal lingo; Instead, please communicate why your program should be selected

How we will review submissions:

* Presentations will be evaluated on content delivery and engagement

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