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Welcome to the registration form of Amaze Me Leader 2018
Amaze Me Leader is an international adventure seminar aimed to young people aged from 18 to 29 which will take place from Sunday 5th August to Sunday 12th August 2018, in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

The aim of the adventure seminar is to involve youth in Leader work and build networks among European rural young people. Amaze Me Leader is organized like TV-format Amazing Race but without competition; participants are divided in teams, they get a car and LEADER-tasks for the day. The idea is that they are representing a Leader Action Group from their own area.

You are eligible to apply if you live in the areas of LEADER local action groups of Piällysmies ry, Veej'jakaja ry, Rajupusu Leader ry, Leader Länsi-Saimaa ry and Pohjois-Kymen Kasvu ry.

Please read all the information carefully and complete all sections of the form. If you have any questions about the event, or the form, please contact your LEADER action group for advice. Please note – your place is NOT guaranteed by completing this form. We will attempt to allocate on a first come, first served basis, but first-timers and youth between age 18 to 29 will be preferred. We will be in touch after the closing date to confirm whether you have been allocated a place.

Dumfries and Galloway LEADER ( in partnership with Sleeping Giants ( are very excited that we have the opportunity to host 60 young people age 18-29 from across Europe as part of this year’s week-long Amaze Me LEADER event. This will include 20 young people from Dumfries and Galloway, 20 young people from Finland and 20 places spread equally between Scotland and other LEADER Local Action Group areas.

Join the unforgettable event, get new international contacts and experience the adventure of your life!


LEADER is the main EU funding program supporting rural communities across the European Union. Five LEADER action groups in Finland with South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences Xamk Oy, and Dumfries and Galloway LEADER Local Action Group are offering the AML for Finnish participants via LEADER funding.

AML will provide young people an excellent opportunity to be part of active young people who want to learn new skills, improve cultural competence, gain understanding of rural communities, businesses and what can be achieved with LEADER funding in both Finland and Scotland. Amaze Me Leader provides a springboard to highlight and to promote the value and contribution that young people can make to the development of the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our rural communities.

FINNISH PARTICIPANTS, please note we hope you to be available to commit the following events:

- 16.-17.6.2018 training weekend where you will meet the group of participants, will be given the basic understanding of LEADER activities and tools to make notes and generate ideas to be reflected and processed further
- 5.-12.8.2018 the AML Event in Scotland
- Post-seminar (September, date to be determined later) to spread your ideas & experiences and to report of what you learned along the way.


We hope that this project will result in many and far reaching impacts for the young people who participate including:

•having a life changing, life affirming, fun experience which makes positive memories which last your whole life
•building knowledge, skills and confidence
•building a feeling of empowerment, trust and value
•building active participation which lasts beyond the life of the project
•inspiring you and building motivation and positive intentions to be change makers of the future
•building a sense of entrepreneurship where you can see yourself building a successful life in rural areas
•building connections with each other, and between your home region and Scotland


Amaze Me LEADER is about far more than a fun adventure where you meet other young people from across Europe, and in signing up for the event, we expect you to be part of a force for change; to participate as fully as you can; and share our commitment to achieving the following positive changes:

•to raise the profile and awareness of LEADER activities, the LEADER approach and rural community development with young people, communities, organisations and decision makers
•to build the profile and capacity of local host agencies, who will engage the Amaze Me LEADER participants in a range of interesting and exciting activities over the course of the week
•to encourage young people to get involved in community development initiatives and local decision making in their own local areas, but also at a wider national / transnational level.
•to raise awareness of cultural diversity and provide opportunities for the Amaze Me LEADER participants to share experiences of living and working in rural communities across Europe, both with each other, and with decision makers;
•to give the Amaze Me LEADER participants a platform to ‘problem solve’ particular issues facing rural communities in Dumfries and Galloway, drawing from your own experiences and learning
•build relationships both between young people and partner agencies in the lead up to Amaze Me LEADER 2019


•A keen interest in developing rural communities to be great places for young people to grow up, learn, work and live
•A commitment to being part of a positive force for change for the future
•Willing to take part and try new things
•Willing to make your views heard
•Willing to share your skills and experience with others
•Ability to work as part of a team
•Able to speak English well

APPLY BEFORE 25.5.2018

by filling the application form below. Based on the applications there will be 20 young people (and alternates) selected from the areas of LEADER groups.

Please complete the information below in full - NOTE: this is an application procedure and all information will be taken into account when processing your application for a space on Amaze Me Leader 2018.

Contact persons in Leader Action groups:
Piällysmies ry, Sini Yläsaari tel. +358 44 976 6880
Veej'jakaja ry, Anssi Gynther tel. +358 44 015 5222
Rajupusu Leader ry, Anne Vänttinen tel. +358 40 715 7189
Leader Länsi-Saimaa ry, Juri Savtschenko tel. +358 45 214 9412 / Terhi Ojanen +358 45 668 9007
Pohjois-Kymen Kasvu ry, Evita Reitti tel. +358 40 586 1134

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