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Planning a Doing or Learning Activity for Your Workplace
Volunteering to Care for Minnesota’s Environment – with your Workplace and Minnesota Environmental Fund

You and your work colleagues can help preserve our environment, while working together in a meaningful and unique way. It is a great way to connect with your team, and feel good while doing good.

Please let us know what you would like to do, learn about or see, and we will help you plan a great experience!
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You Have Several Activity Options
Examples of a Weekday, Indoor activities at your office – Coffee or lunch break, 30 minutes
• Create and assemble MN Nature greeting cards
• Assemble origami seed bomb boxes
• Assemble seed bombs/seed packets

Examples of Weekday, Outdoor activities – Midday break, 1 – 2 hours
• Informational river walk
• Litter pick up
• River restoration
• Invasive species pull

Examples of for Weekday, Outdoor activities – Half day
• Combination river walk/restoration activity
• Tree Planting
• Canoe outing
• Urban farm tour
Duration/setting of activity:
Some activities are free, when we receive donations of supplies. For other activities, we ask your workplace to help by paying for the costs of tools and supplies.
Is your workplace able to contribute to the costs for activity supplies and tools?
Time of day:
Estimated Group Size:
Group make-up:
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How are volunteers planning to get to the site?
Thank you!
The Staff of Minnesota Environmental Fund will respond to you shortly.
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