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Design to Win Free Consultation Survey
This mini survey will help you and your coach to make the best of your consultation time and identify areas for further personal coaching or improvement. Answer all questions. Put a check mark beside the appropriate response.
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Pre-Coaching/Consultation Assessment
If your coaching or consultation relates only to book publishing or writing do NOT answer questions 1-6. Answer ALL questions if you desire any other coaching or consultation ( for life, career, job-hunting, resume writing, personal or professional development matters etc.).
What kind of consultation do you want? *
1. Do you love your current job?
2. Do you have a 1-5 year plan for your progress?
3. Is this plan in writing?
4. Do you have an accountability partner or system for your personal life or business?
5. Do you know your purpose in life?
6. State your purpose briefly below in a sentence or paragraph
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7. What is the main objective or concern you would like to address on the free consultation call? *
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How will we consult? *
Using Zig Ziglar's Test, On a scale of 1-5, with five being the highest how would you rate yourself in these 8 areas
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Column 3
Column 4
Column 5
CAREER: Doing well in a chosen field
ii. ATTITUDE: right mental (freedom from fear and worry)- positive mental attitude
iii. SPIRITUAL: peace with God and peace of mind ( )
iv. FINANCES: Reasonably stable/prosperous and secure
RELATIONSHIPS: Happy and healthy relationships with friends and family
vi. PERSONAL: Achieving set goals
vii. HEALTH: Physical and emotional health
viii. HOPE for the future
Book Your Session
Use the following link to book your FREE 30-minute coaching/consultation session by skype (taylorcamt) or whatsapp (1876-782-9893). Go here to book or copy and paste link in your browser to do the booking. Thank you for choosing our Design to Win Services.
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