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Residence Life Application
Priority Deadlines:
Fall Applicants - March 1
Spring Applicants - October 1
Application and fees must be received before assignment is made.

Attention Parents & Guardians -

Please have your student complete this application. You should not complete this application as there is a 76.8% roommate change when someone other than the applicant completes this form, compared to 9.8% when the applicant completes the form. Thank you for making our jobs easier by making your student complete this form.

Note to New Students:
Cumberland University requires freshmen students to live in Cumberland University residence halls unless they receive documented exemption from the Office of Residence Life. Students may petition for a waiver from this requirement if s/he meets certain criteria. To complete the waiver, visit:

For the purposes of this application, a freshman shall be defined as:
1. Any first time entering freshman student attempting nine (9) credit hours or more
2. Any freshman with college experience (advanced placement, dual credit, etc.)
3. Any transfer student with less than 30 hours earned

Applicants must submit a $250 payment to the Business Office, which includes a non-refundable $50 Residence Life Application Processing Fee and a refundable $200 Residence Life Security Deposit. Your room assignment will not be made until fees are received. Current room and board costs are available through the Admissions Office.

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Gender *
Term *
For what term are you applying to begin living on campus?
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First Name *
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Preferred Name
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Middle Name *
Your complete middle name; If you do not have one, enter "n/a".
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Last Name *
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Example: Sr.; Jr.; III; etc.
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Cell Phone
Ex. 6154442562; Do not include dashes or parentheses
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All correspondence to the applicant will be sent to this address.
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Major *
What is your anticipated major?
Roommate Request
In order for you to be assigned, the person you list below must list you on their application as well. If they have already submitted their application, and have not been assigned a roommate, they may request you by emailing Residence Life will make every attempt to honor your requests, provided it does not alter any assignments already made.
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Meal Plan Selection
Included in your residence life cost is a University Meal Plan, Students have the option to choose between three (3) different options. All three are covered under the residence life cost. Students can choose between:

19 Meals per week with $50 Dining Dollars
This is the most prefered option for students who will be on campus the majority of most weekends and eat a full breakfast most mornings. This is also the most recommended meal plan for students who participate in athletics and their coaches require them to eat breakfast every day. Please consult your coach to determine their preference.

14 meals per week with $125 Dining Dollars
This plan is designed for the student who will be on campus most weekends, but does not eat a full breakfast every day.

10 meals per week with $200 Dining Dollars
This plan is designed for the student who does not eat breakfast everyday and who will be traveling or working most weekends away from campus.

Meal Plan *
Meals are per week. Dining Dollars are per semester.
Personal Tendencies & Interests
The following questions allow the Office of Residence Life to find out a little more about you so that we may properly assign you a roommate who has similar tendencies and interests.
Style Preference *
Room Condition *
Sleep Pattern *
This question discusses when you like to be most awake.
Room Temperature *
Study Conditions *
Smoking Habits *
Do you smoke or use vapor products?
Roommate Smoke Habits *
Is it OK if your roommate smokes or use vapor products?
Music Preference *
Pick all that apply
Fine Arts *
Do you plan to participate in the Fine Arts at Cumberland?
Intercollegiate Athletics *
Are you on an athletic roster at Cumberland?
Organizations *
What clubs or organizations are you a part of or interested in joining?
Sharing Items *
Are you willing to share items or should each person have their own (refrigerator, microwave. ect.)?
Sharing Costs *
Are you willing to split the cost of items for the room (i.e. tissues, food, hand sanitizer. ect.)?
What hobbies and other interest do you have that can assist in making your assignment?
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Special Considerations
Do you have any special considerations that will be helpful in making your housing assignment (allergies, disabilities, etc)?
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