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php[tek] 2018 Scholarship Program
In part due to the support from the sponsors below, we have a number of tickets available for the php[tek] 2018 conference in Atlanta, GA on May 31-June 1. Priority will be given to those who self-identify as being part of an under-represented group at technical conferences; whose companies will not send them and cannot afford to attend on their own. The number of tickets in this program is highly limited so please understand that if you are not chosen, that it in no way reflects upon yourself. The decisions here will be difficult.

The scholarship tickets are for the main conference (Thursday & Friday), and will not include any training classes or workshops. Due to the limited amount of funds the scholarship will not be able to cover the cost of travel, hotel, or other expenses. Please keep these restrictions in mind and only apply if you are able to cover these costs, or are local to Atlanta.

(NOTE: Our goal is to notify accepted applicants by February 28th at the latest)

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