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New Garden Tender Form
Want to Tend to a garden with Lend & Tend?
Tend to a garden with Lend and Tend
Do you wish you had a garden or allotment?
Hey. No garden? No problem!

With Lend and Tend get introduced to a garden owner near you who has garden space going to waste, so you can grow in allotment-like space without a wait.

All you need to do is offer to Tend! You can start by submitting your preferences with this form and Lend and Tend can Patch-Match you with a garden owner near you. So you can grow locally in a neighbour's garden near you.

You get time in the garden and all the benefits that gardening brings and with any luck some tomatoes!
The garden owner gets someone like you who can lend a much needed hand.

Are you ready to sign up? If so tell us...
About You
Do you want to Tend to a patch? If so we can get you Patch-Matched if you submit this form so we can match your preferences with a local garden owner near you.
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Your Twitter Handle (If you're happy for us to tweet about your availability to get Tending!)
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Please provide your full address so we can Patch-Match you to a garden Lender near you. (Don't worry we won't share your location until you are ready to get in touch with garden owners suggested to you.) *
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Tell us about your gardening needs
Please bear in mind, although we gardeners often need to lug heavy things around like bags of compost, it’s better for the environment if you don’t have to rely on driving to your garden too often.
What's the maximum distance you're willing to travel to a Lender's garden from your home? *
0-0.5 miles
2.5 miles
Do you have any of these garden items in good working condition to use? *
Your garden preferences, plans and intentions*
What sort of outdoor space would you like to garden? *
To find an ideal Patch-Match, please tick your preferences *
Why do you want to Tend to someone else's garden? *
What would you like to do in the garden space offered? Tick all that apply *
How soon/ when can you start Tending a garden space? *
What sort of times are you most likely to visit the garden? (Give us an idea of your schedule)
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Are you *
Ground Rules!
How to be a happy garden Tender
We always suggest emailing your suggested garden Lender, cc-ing in before you meet them at their garden.

Lend and Tend requires all Lenders and Tenders to be over the age of 18.

We also suggest doing a garden Tending trial for a 1 month period at your patch-matched Lender's garden. See how you get along? Discuss your plans and if all goes well, offer your availability to Tend to the garden at the Lender's garden thereafter.

It's up to you how, when and with whom you Tend a garden, but it is advised that before Tending a garden, you draw up an agreement with the relevant garden owner(s) prior to commencement of Lending or Tending.

An agreement* can detail visitation rules/expectations, project objectives that you intend to honour and should be signed by both parties: Lender and Tender.

Template agreements can be obtained once this Lend and Tend Patch-Match form has been processed.

What does it cost to Lend and Tend?
What does it cost you to register with Lend and Tend?

Whilst we are still working on the beta model of this service, finding a Patch-Match with Lend and Tend currently operates on a 'pay-what-you-can' basis.

The suggested donation to pay is £12.99.

There will fixed tiered rates (tbc) soon, but at the moment Lend and Tend operates on a 'pay-what-you-can' basis so that it is accessible to as many people who need it.

So if you think you will find find this valuable to you, just 'pay-what-you-can'.

Thank You
We respect your private details and we will not, without your express consent, supply your personal information to any third party for the purpose of their or any other third party's direct marketing.

There is no obligation for you to disclose a disability - it is your own decision.

We appreciate the time it has taken you to fill in this form. We hope that we can 'Patch Match' you soon.

Lend and Tend (Lend & Tend) or associated garden owners are not under any obligation to provide you with permanent gardening service(s) for any limited time, other than what the garden 'Tender' and yourself, the 'Lender' mutually agree privately.

Lend and Tend (Lend & Tend) nor its associates, friends, employees, partners of or affiliates uphold any responsibility for any loss or damage to property, hurt or injury to any individuals, animals or yourself; emotionally and or physically.

Lend and Tend operates for the benefit of communities, individuals; garden Lenders and garden Tenders, wildlife and the environment, if you wish to you can also donate to Lend & Tend at anytime via PayPal by clicking here:

Make budding buddies with Lend & Tend. You can follow us and like us on or tag and follow @LendandTend on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.
We look forward to seeing what crops up, blossoms, grows and looks blooming marvelous with you!
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