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Welcome to My State of Mind - a mental health initiative by Talang Dalisay, a Philippine based NGO.

Talang Dalisay is literally translated to "pure star" in Filipino. It started in 2016 and got accredited in 2019. The team at Talang Dalisay wanted to start an international branch to reach more youth from all over the world to effect change in the mental health scene and specifically tackle different issues that come alongside it, from sustainability, climate change, feminism, human rights, and many more.

Join our vibrant community of change makers and sign up below to contribute art to our social media accounts or write articles!

Yes! You can be anywhere in the world. Africa? Asia? Europe? South America? Anyone from anywhere at any age is welcome to join!

If you're in the Philippines, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY HERE. You can help out by being a volunteer thru Talang Dalisay (!

For any questions, DM us on Instagram (@themhinitiative) or our Facebook page "My State of Mind."

We hope you join our growing community! We look forward to working with you in the future!
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