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Sign Up To Volunteer at The Cannery Ballroom
We want there to be space for anyone in our Cannery family to serve our church in some way. We're asking you to commit to one team at one worship gathering once per month. There will be space to indicate if you want to do more than that below. Our 2019/2020 volunteer term will run from October 2019 through September 2020. If you sign up here, you're committing to serve with us through September of 2020 (don't worry college students, you can still serve if you will be gone in the summer). Please choose up to 3 teams below where you feel you'd be a good fit to serve based on your gifts and passions. We'll do our best to get everyone on their first choice, but due to the size limitations of some of the teams, we can't make that guarantee.
Thank you for signing up to serve and committing to love your church body well and joining Ethos on our mission to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement.
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Please list each person's first and last name. We'll do our best to place you on the same team with at least one of the listed people.
Are you changing teams?
If you served last year and would like to be on a new team, please let us know which team you previously served on. Please include the time of the worship gathering.
How many weeks out of the month would you like to serve on your team? *
We ask everyone who volunteers to commit to volunteering on one team at one gathering time once per month. Often times, people ask us if they can serve on their team more than once per month. The answer is definitely yes. Please indicate how many weeks out of the month you want to serve below. By no means should you feel pressure to serve more than the one time per month baseline ask. We do also cap this at 3 times per month because we want to make sure that you have at least one Sunday per month that you can come attend worship, rest, and prevent you from burning out. **Does NOT apply to Communion Team**
Are you a college student who will be leaving Nashville in April/May? *
If you're in college and leaving Nashville for the summer in April or May, we still would love to have you commit to a volunteer team. This will help us know how many spots we need to fill when summer rolls around.
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