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Kogii Product Feedback
Thank you so much for chatting with us and getting to know Kogii.
We have now entered the final production phase, your feedback is crucial.
How many days per week do you cycle? *
What type of cyclist are you? *
How interested are you in Kogii as a concept? *
Not interested
Extremely Interested
How do you feel about contributing completely anonymous data (along with other Kogii users) to establish dangerous areas of road?
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How interested are you in Kogii as a product you would purchase?
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Extremely Interested
What features within Kogii would you pay for? *
What is the maximum you would pay for Kogii (with all the features outlined above)
You've seen our prototypes and we've (hopefully) answered any questions you have. In light of this, would you consider purchasing Kogii? *
We anticipate the first edition of Kogii to be released in the next few weeks. Would you consider yourself a potential customer? (if you were looking for a new light or cycling accessory)
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Feel like joining us? *
Kogii will be released soon. We're a new, fresh start-up and need support. If type your email, we can contact you about major updates, we won't email you unless we think you'll be interested in what we have to say.
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