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Request to distribute information or fliers to SFUSD staff and/or school sites
To distribute fliers to SFUSD sites, you need a stamp of approval from SFUSD.
We can only approve fliers submitted by nonprofit organizations or government agencies.
Once you have submitted your flier, it will be stamped and emailed back to you within 10 days.
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6. Upload a PDF file of the promotional materials intended for distribution.
Name associated with federal tax ID number must appear and match name or logo on the flier.
7. Do you want to promote your event in OASIS?
OASIS is a weekly SFUSD e-newsletter sent to school site administrators and teachers.
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9. Summary about your OASIS posting in one to two paragraphs:
10. Site levels:
Select all that apply. Site level choice should reflect where your potential audience works.
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