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In Kind Donation Form 物資捐贈表格
At ImpactHK we are reliant on the generosity of donors for funds and gifts. Check out our wish list to see what items we are looking for at the moment and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that we can only accept items on the list due to limited storage space and cannot accept in kind donations if they are not on this list. This list is updated monthly based on our needs.

Current month: August 2023

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

同路舍一直依賴善心人士捐贈的金錢和物資, 以應付機構的日常運作。
不過由於我們的儲物空間相當有限, 暫時只能接受部分所需的物資捐贈援助。

以下為我們需要的物資, 以供參考。列表每月更新一次。
如閣下有相關物品捐出, 不勝感激。請填妥此表格, 職員將盡快與你聯絡。
所在月份: 八月

在您上載相關文件的同時, 我們將紀錄您的Google賬戶資料(包括姓名和相片), 以作參考用途。
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These are the items we need. 現時我們需要...

1.Electronic items
   a) Android smart phones with chargers (Quantity: 20)
b) Laptops 手提電腦  with chargers
   c) ipad with chargers
2. Clothing ( Summer clothing only)
  a) short sleeve T-shirts and shorts
  a) Men shoes 
b) Men's Underwear

3. Food

   a) Non-perishable and individually packaged food items (e.g. biscuits, energy bar) 不易變壞,設獨立包裝的即     食食物 (如餅乾及能量條)
   b)  Packaged low sugar Drinks with long expiration date 低糖飲品
c) Different favors of individual packaged cakes 設獨立包裝的蛋糕 ( Quantity: 2,400 every month)
d) Individual packaged soy milk 豆奶飲品 ( Quantity: 2,400 packs of soy milk)
   e)  Black Bean Dace 豆豉鯪魚 ( Quantity: 100 cans)
   f)  spiced diced meat 五香肉丁  ( Quantity: 100 cans)

4. Furniture/Electronic Appliances

   a) Small safe box 小型夾萬 (Quantity: 12)
   b) Television 電視機  (Quantity: 5)
   c)  fridge雪櫃
5. Others

   a) Mosquito repellent spray, patch, mosquito repellent 蚊貼/蚊香/蚊貼/蚊怕水    (30 per month)
   b)  travel size shampoo/body wash 旅行裝洗頭水  (50 per month) 
   c) HKD50 Supermarket Vouchers 超市禮劵(100 pieces per month)
d) Toliet tissue paper rolls ( 2,000 rolls per month)
  e) small Desktop Convenient Fan迷你風扇 ( 15 per month)
f) paper cups紙杯 (1000 per week)
g) towel 毛巾
h) Razor 鬚刨


If you have any of these items available, please fill in the following sections.     如你有以上物資可捐出,請填妥以下表格。
First name 名字 *
Last name 姓氏 *
Email address 電郵地址 *
Phone number 聯絡電話號碼
What kind of items are you going to donate? 你希望捐贈哪一類型的物資? *
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