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SOMT Athletics Coach Certification Quiz
This quiz must be completed every 3 years by all coaches wishing to be re-certified in this sport.
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How does the countdown sound at the beginning of a race? *
Should events 100 meters or shorter be run on a straightaway of track, or on a curve? *
How many false starts are athletes allowed before disqualification? *
In race walking events, must an athlete have one foot in touch with the ground at all times and maintain a "walking" form? *
In the jump and throwing events, how many attempts does the athlete receive, with their largest score being used for final scoring? *
What is a typical progression in throwing events for athletes as they gain strength and skill? *
Are there any limitations on how an athlete may throw the softball during the softball toss? *
What are the weights of the turbo javs, in grams? *
Are manual and motorized wheelchairs allowed in the same races? *
Which of the following are the approved assisted devices for the assisted walk events? *
Which of the following statements are true in regards to filing a protest? *
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