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HBSAB StartUp Partners: Advisors
In the days leading up to the scheduled meeting, you will receive an email confirming the session location as well as the startup’s key questions and pitch deck. You will also receive a reminder the day before.

Meetings are generally from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. Please only register for sessions you believe you can attend. We understand last minute conflicts often come up, but we’d like to minimize them.

If a conflict does arise after you’ve signed up for a meeting, please inform Jason Schrank at asap so we can find alternative advisors for the session. Thank you.
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Body Belly Baby
DESCRIPTION: "Body Belly Baby will be a digital maternity platform enabling women ( trying to conceive, pregnant, mothers) to prepare , be healthy and learn during their maternity journey and facilitate the connection with maternity experts ( healthcare professionals). Services will be fitness, prenatal/postnatal education, nutrition, mental health and private consultations with maternity experts (from OB-GYN to lactation or sleep consultant ) "

CHALLENGE QUESTIONS: "Company equity structure as BBB wants to bring potential partners on board Fundraising

DESCRIPTION: BRAVE Company offer health services and digital products to improved quality of life and well being for Black women and infants. Through our mission, BRAVE Company seeks to reduce the incidence of preterm birth in Black women and infant through utilization of mindfulness platforms such as culturally relevant workshops, app, podcast, social media, speaking engagements and website. Our vision is to create a society where Black women are seen, heard and valued. We believe valuing Black women and their lived experience are at the very heart of achieving health equity for this population. To date, there are no existing companies that comprehensively provide resources in the innovative ways that BRAVE Company plans to provide them. We are filling the dire need to address preterm birth in Black women by providing resources that lower their stress and anxiety which are key contributors to preterm birth.

CHALLENGE QUESTIONS: Product Development & Fundraising
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