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School Spirit!!!!! & Smith Valley's 30th anniversary
The Smith Valley Parent/Teacher club would like your input to share with the Smith Valley School board in an effort to propose a School Spirit makeover for our 30th anniversary!

Smith Valley School has the same colors as at least 3 of the 6 teams we typically compete with. Evergreen actually has both the same colors & the same Mascot! Parents have gone to our cross country meets, wondered why they didn't really recognize anyone, only to notice a bit later that the red shirts they were with were not our school!

This got some parents to thinking....... does this have to be? Can we 'Storm' into a new generation as we launch into the 30 year anniversary of Smith Valley coming to existence? Batavia and Boorman consolidated to become Smith Valley School in 1989. 2018/2019 will be our 30th year!

Some PTC members started investigating, trying to ensure that if we are to make a change, that we aren't ending up with the same colors, mascots, or logos as any of the other schools in our area. They've found that neon green is NOT being used by any other districts, and it IS a very popular color among students. They also ran across the idea of 'Storm' as a mascot because it is unique and also lends itself to many spirit slogans! Here are just a few:

“I feel a Storm brewing.” ~~~ “Beware, Here Comes the Storm.” ~~~
“Fear the Storm.” ~~~ “Storm Warning.” ~~~ “We are the Storm.” ~~~

And a few poems and sayings:
~~~ “Fate whispers to the warrior,.................. or .................. Fate whispers to the Wolverine
You cannot weather the Storm. You cannot weather the Storm.
And the warrior whispers back, And the warrior Wolverine whispers back,
We ARE the Storm.” We ARE the Storm.”

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”

“And once the Storm is over you won’t remember how you made it won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the Smith Valley Storm is all about.”

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Do you like the idea of putting a fresh face on Smith Valley School?
What are your thoughts and ideas for celebrating Smith Valley's 30th year in operation?
A. SV - Lightning Bolt
B. Storm - Blowing in
C. Storm, Cloud, Bolt
D. S... Bolt
The pictures here are the logo Ideas that have been generated so far..... If we were to pick .... "Storm" as the Mascot and "Neon Green & Black" as the colors..... Please rate your favorite '1st Choice', to your least favorite as '4th choice......... *
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A. SV - Lightning Bolt
B. Storm Blowing In
C. Storm, Cloud, Bolt
D. S - Lightning Bolt
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