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Coalition for Responsible and Sustainable Navigation
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1. Do you live near a waterway ?
2. What kind of waterway ?
3. Do you engage in water sports?
If yes, which ones ?
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4. Do you own a boat?
5. What type ?
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6. Do you have a motor boat operator’s permit? (Mandatory for driving a motor boat)
7. Do you favour more stringent motor boat regulations to protect waterways?
8. Would you favour motor boat regulations based on environmental science?
Right now it is a free-for-all and the voluntary codes of conduct do not work.
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9. In your opinion, what are the most disturbing problems on your waterway? Click as many as apply)
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10. Do you believe that the right types of boats navigate in the right waterway places?
11. Were you ever a witness to irresponsible conduct on your waterway?
12. Would you favour a legislative framework which includes the filming of irresponsible boating behavior for the purposes of fines?
13. Would you support the initiatives of COALITION NAVIGATION to assure better protection of the marine environment, adapted to the motor boat navigation situations of the 21st Century?
There isn't any legislation in place to address the environmental impacts of increasing numbers of motor boats, in particular, powerful boats.
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