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B.A. /B.Com. Programme - Core English Lang. Course Feedback
This survey is for *students of B.A. / B.Com. Programme* who have studied the core English Language paper in one or two semesters. The purpose is to gather information for a *Syllabus Revision Exercise* in the University.
Please choose your responses carefully as they will help us in re-designing this paper.
Your name, enrolment number and college will be kept confidential.
Personal Information:
Name *
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Roll No. and Year of Admission: *
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Course *
College *
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Which stream of the Core English Language paper did you study? *
if you studied English till class 12, fill English A ; till class 10, fill English B; otherwise English C
Marks scored in the last English exam you took in school (class 12 / class 10 / class 8): *
Please only enter in numeric form Eg: if you scored 85 in English in class 12, enter 85
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Course Feedback:
Approximate number of students in your college English class/section:
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Was your core English Language course different from your school level English language course? *
How often did you attend your English Language classes in college? *
If you answered 'very few times' or 'never' to the previous question, what would be the biggest reason:
Course Outcome For You:
Tell us if the Core English Language course helped you improve your language skills in the following areas: *
Yes, immensely
A great deal
To a small extent
Not at all
Confidence in using English
Speaking skills
Writing skills
Reading skills
Listening skills
Critical Thinking
I learn better when language is taught through: *
I don't know
Through grammar exercises without any literature
Through literary texts like poems, stories, plays etc.
When there is one textbook
Through the use of prescribed readings
Through the use of extra exercises/ readings in the form of photocopies/links
What Do You Think?
Would you benefit more if your Language class could be divided into Advanced (Eng A)/Intermediate (Eng B) /Basic (Eng C) levels on the basis on Class 12 English marks?
What would you like to see in a new English Language course: *
More use of literature
More writing exercises
More grammar exercises
More class-time to develop speaking skills
Any other student requirements that you feel a college-level Language Course must address:
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In your view what is the best possible class size in which you can really learn better language skills: *
Any other suggestions for a new English Language course:
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