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AUTC Intentions form
If you have any questions about filling in this form, please contact
What's your full name? *
What are the start and end dates of your trip? *
please include both dates and times. If these are subject to change, let us know.
How many people do you have with you? *
How many days worth of food do you have? *
Please describe your intended route. *
At a minimum, this should include where you're going, your expected huts & campsites, as well as the rough route you will be taking. Let us know if you are planning leeway for your finishing date; unless we know otherwise we will call search and rescue if we don't hear from you 24 hours afterwards.
Please describe any alternative routes or emergency plans you have.
Write in all hut books, even if you're not staying overnight.
Leave us your group's contact details (read description) *
Make a copy of this sheet, fill it in and upload. Include your own details. If you did signups with a google form, link the spreadsheet it generated and write your own contact details in.
If you are bringing a car or cars, please list the make & model, registration, colour.
If you aren't bringing a car, what other transport arrangements do you have?
What previous AUTC trips have you been on? What other tramping experience do you have? *
There is no formal requirement for this, and the experience needed depends on the trip you're going on. If you think this might come into question, feel free to be as descriptive as you need to be.
Is this your first time leading a trip? *
If this is your first time leading a trip, do you have an experienced tramper in your group? Who is it?
Which of the following do you have? *
Are you taking a club PLB? *
Are you taking any other gear that the safety officer or search and rescue should know about?
For instance, a PLB, mountain radio, a satellite phone, a GPS or a spot tracker. If you're taking your own PLB, please tell us the UIN (eg: C00F4C7404002C1) and S/N number (eg: 1011204033).
Is there anything else you think we should know?
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