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Audre Lorde Course - Survey
Prof. Savonick | SUNY Cortland

As we move online, I greatly value your input on how we can make the most of our remaining time together.
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What is your name? *
How are you feeling about everything that is going on (schedule changes, moving online, etc.)?
What have you enjoyed most about this class? What do you want to try and continue as we move online?
What ideas do you have for making our online class a generative learning community? (For example, have you taken an online class that did something really well?)
What do you want me to prioritize (specific content, skills, methods) as we move forward? Another way to think about this: what do you want to learn more about in the time we have left together? A specific topic? Strengthening your writing skills? etc.
Do you have any additional suggestions for how we can minimize the stress of this change and make this a fun, intellectually-rewarding, and creative experiment/adventure?
Is there anything else you would like me to know?
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