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School students survey
School students deserve a say on their education.

I am pushing for clearer answers from the Government, insisting that all relevant information and guidance be published to help with the demands being placed upon our schools.

In the meantime I want to hear your views on how your education and personal wellbeing has been impacted due to Covid-19 measures.

If you're a school student resident in Erith and Thamesmead please let me know your thoughts.

I will use information provided anonymously in this survey to highlight the issues concerning you most and how we can address these as a community and a country.

*Parents/ teachers can help students fill out this survey

Thank you for taking part.


Abena Oppong-Asare MP
Which school year are you in?
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Have you been attending school during Covid-19?
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If you have not been attending school, how many hours of home learning have you done per day?
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Do you feel like your education has suffered during Covid-19?
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Are you worried about exams in the future due to Covid-19?
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Do you think schools should be re-opening to more pupils before the summer holidays?
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The partial closure of schools during Covid-19 has had...
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Are you looking forward to returning to school?
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What have you enjoyed most about the changes to schooling over the past two months?
What has been the most difficult part about the changes to schooling over the past two months?
How do you think schools should be supporting students when they return?
Do you have any other thoughts about the impact of Covid-19 on your education?
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